Asset Managemenet

Mas Energy Operating Services (MEOS) was established in 2017 to provide asset management and plant operations services for both MAS Energy owned assets and, selectively, at other third-party sites. MEOS is a continuation and extension of MAS Energy's historical in-house operations capabilities, enhanced by the addition of several experienced technical professionals.

MEOS' role is two-fold - to provide comprehensive asset management services and oversight at all of the individual facilities in the MAS Energy portfolio and to manage and oversee all aspects of the day-to-day operations at each of the facilities it is responsible for.

The core of the MEOS senior management team - operating historically as part of MAS Energy - has been responsible for managing 19 sites with 33 engines, ~20,000 SCFM of gas generation and 27 miles of pipeline.

In its role as asset manager, the MEOS team assumes responsibility and has contractual authority to act as or on behalf of the owner of the assets with respect to all contracts with commercial counterparties (OEM's, parts providers and off-takers).  From an administrative perspective, MEOS is responsible for staff supervision, government filings, permits, accounting, financial planning, cash management and insurance. MEOS also closely monitors and tracks performance at the facilities and provides monthly performance reports tracked against key performance indicators ("KPI's").

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