Company Overview

Successful project development, exceptional risk-adjusted returns

Mas Energy develops, owns and operates energy systems around the world. With more than 70 years of combined energy development experience, we structure highly complex projects and transactions that mitigate risk and drive returns for some of the world's largest companies, investors, utilities and other energy buyers.

Our focus is on renewable and clean energy -- including wind, landfill gas, combined heat and power, geothermal, and district energy -- as well as delivering critical energy systems in developing countries. Our approach centers on turnkey project development and long-term ownership and operation, ensuring investors and clients of true single-source accountability, reliability and, ultimately, greater value.

While our commitment is always to our investors and clients first, our projects aren't purely commercial in nature. They also make positive environmental, economic or social impacts, from reducing a corporation's carbon footprint, to enhancing the reliability of a developing nation's power supply.

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