Simple Cycle

Meeting power needs and improving power quality through engine technology

The influx of intermittent solar and wind technologies, new distributed generation options, microgrids and energy storage systems in various configurations can stress the reliability and power quality of existing distribution and transmission systems. 

Investor-owned utilities, coops, munis, and enterprise customers can each benefit from MAS Energy's simple-cycle solution utilizing the latest reciprocating engine technology.   It can provide utilities with repeated fast starts and stops coupled with the flexibility to locate where it makes sense for the power provider to maximize the power quality benefits. This MAS Energy solution can be an efficient solution to help utilities:

  • Meet their power needs quickly while enhancing their transmission and distribution system
  • Improve power quality for their customers
  • Increase reliability and have zero impact on local water resources
When it makes sense, MAS Energy has a hybrid solution that incorporates battery storage with solar technology to allow for instantaneous power to the grid and full ramp-up within five milliseconds.  For power providers looking for a highly efficient, fuel-flexible super peak facility with ancillary services, MAS Energy has an efficient, economical solution for our customers.
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