Risk Mitigation

Experience-based, conservative approach

We employ a detailed, comprehensive approach to risk analysis, evaluating a range of variables that can impact a project's success throughout its lifecycle. However, identifying risks is not enough. Knowing what to do about them is critical to a project's success. Due to our depth of experience in energy project development, we understand the complex array of risks involved and can apply appropriate mitigation strategies such as contract structuring, counterparty selection, insurance products, and more.

This expertise and approach has resulted in some of the best risk-adjusted returns in the industry. In addition, one of our first-ever projects, a landfill-gas-to-energy project for Coca-Cola, received an investment-grade rating from Fitch.

For each project, our due diligence covers:

• Country and financial risks
   - Economic
   - Currency
   - Political
   - Security

• Policy and regulatory risk

• Technical and project-specific risk
   - Engineering
   - Construction
   - Technology
   - Environmental (including permitting)
   - Operations, maintenance and management

• Market risk
   - Purchase Power Agreements
   - Fuel supply
   - Competition

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