Mutually beneficial, long-term relationships

We work with some of the world's largest corporate and financial institutions. These global leaders are faced with complex challenges and tremendous opportunities. We're proud that we've earned their trust by delivering projects that meet their specific needs, while at the same time achieving industry-leading financial returns.


"When you find a partner in business that performs when promised and builds trust as Mas Energy has, working together becomes enjoyable. We've worked hand in hand with Mas Energy on several projects, and each time they've demonstrated not only significant financial knowledge, but also a high level of technical knowledge, which is a rare combination. These skills enable them to structure projects that aren't just financially viable but also technically sound and beneficial to the end users."

Greg Cochran, Crowder Construction Company

"All too often, projects start but never reach the finish line. However, Mas Energy stands out for consistently getting projects done, soup to nuts. The Mas Energy team knows what it takes to pull a project together, and they do what they say they are going to do, always in a very professional manner.

We were fortunate to work closely with Mas Energy on a recent renewable taxable transaction. Throughout the transaction, the Mas Energy team demonstrated not only an in-depth understanding of the overall energy market, but also a significant understanding of the renewable space."

David Moffett, Managing Director, Jefferies Public Finance Group
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