Investment Approach

Strong financial performance

We consistently generate strong financial returns on each of our projects. Our team's engineering and technical expertise is equally matched by our deep financial knowledge and experience. Our portfolio demonstrates our proven ability to navigate a host of complex and interrelated commercial and legal issues to ensure a project's success and realize healthy investor returns. 

Conservative approach
We don't take risks on unproven technologies. Instead, we employ conservative, income-oriented strategies that deliver superior risk-adjusted returns while achieving our clients' goals. Rather than excessive leverage, we earn returns through proper development, conservative capital structuring, and long-term ownership and operation.

Investment decisions based on project fundamentals
Rather than opportunistically investing due to government incentives and subsidies, we focus on projects that stand on their own merits and are inherently profitable, regardless of current government subsidies or other incentives.

Long-term strategy
We don't invest in our projects with the intention of quickly selling. We believe in looking beyond near-term economic cycles and instead choose to invest in energy assets with long-term viability and value.

Select financial results
We invite investors interested in learning about our industry-leading financial returns to contact us.  

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